• AbeonInternational shall be the most trusted, respected and preferred brand, for electrical and electronic equipment that finds application in power generation, distribution, control and final consumption.
  • In its major businesses, AbeonInternational  shall not only command a domestic market share ranging from 12% to 50% or more but be known widely as the company “closest to its customers”
  • AbeonInternational products shall be used to manage power in India’s biggest industries, in its highest buildings, in its most critical infrastructure and in millions of its homes.
  • The AbeonInternational name shall be recognized widely as a benchmark and shall serve as a role model and an inspiration to other Indian engineering products companies.
  • AbeonInternational shall be cited as a company that played an important role in making “Made in India” a label that is trusted and respected the world over.


We Are Started By 2018

AbeonInternational Electrical Contractors is a full-service firm founded in 2018. CSI’s growth has been guided by a vision to build a company that blends the analytic rigor of a consultancy with top-notch engineering and project management capabilities, and a craftsman’s pride in a job well done.

24/7 availality

You can contact us anytime, We will get you as soon as possible

Certified Mechanics

We have certified machines to work, which enhance the overall performance

No hidden cost

We are transparent with the customers, No extra charges will apply after the set initials.

Best Service

Here is experienced workers for performing all the task with the respective duration of time



A reputation for delivering on promises

  • A passion for problem-solving
  • A commitment to doing their best work
  • A deep respect for customers, each other and their families

A holistic approach

  • Electrical services including design/build, engineering, pre-construction and pre-fabrication, special projects, and service and maintenance
  • Technology solutions such as systems integration, structured cabling, wireless, video, surveillance, access control, DAS, VoIP and PBX services